Exclusive: Scottish politician tried to claim expenses for posting donations to charity

Scottish Parliament: claimed money for charity post, TV subscriptions and films

A member of the Scottish Parliament claimed expenses money for sending a “charity donations” package in the post.  The unnamed politician was denied the reimbursement attempt after his claim was rejected last year.

The details were revealed following a Freedom of Information request, along with 12 other rejected expenses claims from Scottish politicians.

The other items claimed for included a TV subscription package and a film, as well as money spent on breakfast and lunch.

This comes two years after Scottish politicians were criticised for doing the exact same thing. In January 2009, The Scotsman exposed Scottish Parliament’s rejected expenses claims dating between 2007 and 2009. They included one from Labour MSP Bill Butler who tried to claim back the money from a £1 charity donation he had made. Another MSP had tried claiming £290 for printing his own Christmas cards.

The new disclosure of rejected expenses claims reveals that Scottish politicians are still trying to use public money to pay for their personal expenses and to avoid charity contributions. It’s also notable that the number of rejected expenses claims tipled between 2009/’10 and 2010/’11.

You can view the documents here:

http://www.scottish.parliament.uk/Corporate/FOI/FOIDisclosureFiles/19100/2011-019100%202009-10%20Data.pdf (2009/2010)

http://www.scottish.parliament.uk/Corporate/FOI/FOIDisclosureFiles/19100/2011-019100%202010-11%20Data.pdf (2010/2011)


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