Criminal Police Officers: the data

I recently did an article for The Mirror, which revealed that more than half of police officers who commit crimes are allowed to keep their jobs. It was quite a short piece, so I thought I’d put the full data up here, just for the record.

It’s here: Police Officer Crime (2008-2010) – updated

The PDF document above summarises the FOI responses from all police forces in England and Wales. I’ve only listed police officers who committed crimes – it doesn’t include other non-criminal misconduct because the document would be hundreds of pages long! Officers who kept their jobs have been highlighted.

UPDATE:  Here are a select few of the documents listing all disciplinary action, including non-criminal misconduct, taken against police officers. (NB: a few of the entries may be outside of the period 2008-2010, but are not listed in the above document. The same goes for police forces who have listed police staff as well as police officers. Also, some Met data is on a separate document which I can’t find at the moment.) 

Avon & Somerset (Excel),  Derbyshire (PDF),  Essex (PDF),  Gwent (PDF),  Humberside (PDF),  Lancashire (Excel),  Metropolitan Police (Word document),  Norfolk (PDF),  Staffordshire  (Excel),  Thames Valley (URL),  Warwickshire (PDF),  West Midlands (PDF).


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